Corky Coker Announces 2016 Great Race Route!

Corky Coker, owner of Coker Tire Company and the Great Race, has announced that the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty will travel the historic Lincoln Highway for its 2016 event. Coker made his announcement during the highly acclaimed Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance event in Florida, amongst a crowd of car enthusiasts from around the world.

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Huge Great Race Announcement Coming Tomorrow!

Corky Coker is making a HUGE announcement at the The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance tomorrow morning (Saturday, March 14th) at 9am Eastern Time. The announcement concerns the 2016 Great Race route, which is a follow up to this year’s exciting Great Race on Route 66. The announcement will be made at the tent between the Grandstands and Club Amelia, as the Cars & Coffee at the Councours event begins. Admission is free so if you’re at Amelia Island, check it out! If you can’t make it to Amelia, check our website tomorrow morning for the big news!

The Coker Tire Challenge Begins!

With tech inspection out of the way, all of the racers are prepared for an awesome weekend of rallying at the Coker Tire Challenge in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We’re ready to rally on this beautiful weekend, and there are lots of great participants geared up for the event. Lots of Great Racers are on hand, but we also have a few rookies, as well as a group of racers from the SCCA on the roster. We’ll post a photo recap and scores when it’s all said and done. Until then, stay tuned to the Coker Tire Facebook page for real time photos, as well as the Coker Tire blog for daily photo recaps!

The Grand Start from Ogunquit, Maine!

The 2014 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty got off to an incredible start today, with thousands of spectators gathering at Ogunquit Beach to watch more than 100 vintage cars and trucks take the green flag. With such a huge crowd, and so many great guests (Bob Varsha, Wayne Carini, Corky Coker just to name a few), our racers were greeted with lots of smiles as they blasted off from Beach Street and headed to the actual starting point of the timed rally. A few notes to remember are that the back-to-back Grand Champions (Barry and Irene Jason) are in a new car for this year…look for the red Mustang coupe below. We’ll post lots of pictures today, but enjoy some of our favorite photos of the Grand Start in Ogunquit!
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Coker Tire Returns as the Official Tire of the Great Race


Coker Tire is the world’s leading supplier of tires and wheels for collector vehicles, and it’s been a huge supporter of the Great Race for many years. Owner, Corky Coker has poured his heart and soul into developing tires over the past 40 years, and he has a similar passion for the Great Race family. Having long been a partner with our event, Coker Tire is the Official Tire of the Great Race. A large majority of the participants use Coker products on their rally vehicles because the tires and wheels are safe and reliable, and Coker has period correct choices for vehicles built from the 1900’s through the 1970’s.
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A Cool Picture from Corky Coker’s Archives


If you have been to a Coker Tire Challenge or the 2011 Great Race, when it started in Chattanooga, then maybe you recognize this car. It is a 1912 Nyberg owned by Coker founder, Harold Coker. This car is currently in the showroom of Coker Tire’s headquarters and the offices of the Great Race. Pictured are Great Racer John Coker, and Great Race owner Corky Coker. The short guy, Hardy “Pop” Coker was tall in the eyes of his two grandsons pictured here.

Backroad Gold TV Show Airs February 5th at 9:30pm!

Corky Coker TV Show

Corky Coker plays a huge role in the Great Race, as well as leading the crew at Coker Tire Company and Honest Charley. Along with all of his business ventures, he’s a car guy at heart, so he has made a hobby out of buying, selling and trading on collector cars, trucks and motorcycles. “Backroad Gold” is a new TV series that follows Corky’s barn find adventures and we’re excited to see it’s debut on the Travel Channel. The first season is made up of eight awesome episodes, featuring a bunch of great cars, trucks and motorcycles. It debuts on Wednesday, February 5th at 9:30pm Eastern Time, and airs weekly on Wednesday nights at 9:30. Check your local listings to confirm the times…you don’t want to miss it!

Get Your Entry Fee Discount NOW!


The entry fee for the 2014 Great Race from Maine to Florida was announced several months ago, but the time to get a $500 discount is running out.

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Great Racers on Display!


The official pace car of the Great Race, Corky Coker’s 1937 Buick Shafer 8, is one of 10 cars on display in the Great Race Class at the Concours of America at St. John’s in Michigan. More than 275 cars are taking part in the Concours, including Hemmings Motor News‘ 1932 Ford speedster, Hagerty‘s 1917 Peerless and Rex Gardner’s 1935 Ford coupe. Check it out!

Great Race 2013–Grand Finish in Mobile, Alabama!

Great Race 2013

We’re blessed to be the adventure of a lifetime that we can do every year! And the 2013 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty has come to an end in grand style today! We did some intense rallying this morning, then stopped in Irvington, Alabama for lunch and a couple laps around the Mobile International Speedway oval track. It was tons of fun, and we had an all out fish fry, thanks to the kind hosts! Then, it was time to make the short drive into downtown Mobile, Alabama for the Grand Finish, where we’d find out the final scores and see where everyone stacked up. Matching their incredible job on last year’s race, the unstoppable team of Irene and Barry Jason wheeled their 1935 Ford coupe to victory, taking home the HUGE $50,000 Grand Championship prize! It’s impressive just to win one Grand Championship, but back-to-back wins is almost out of the question with the level of competition we have these days. Congrats to all of the winners in each class, and a big congrats to Sister McRae, who won the Tom McRae Spirit of the Event award this year! Thanks for all of your hard work, and dedication to the Great Race! Check out our favorite shots of the day, and stay tuned for the final scores!

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