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Great Race Grand Champion on Backroad Gold

By Great Race
March 14, 2014


For those of you watching closely to Wednesday night’s episode of Backroad Gold, you may have seen Greg Cunningham’s 1928 Ford Model A boattail speedster in the background with its #1 decal still displayed from the 2006 Great Race.

Greg is the star, along with Corky Coker, of the new hit TV show on the Travel Channel. Each episode finds Greg and Corky searching for Barn Finds all across the United States. At the end of each show, they bring the cars they bought back home to Honest Charley in Chattanooga and Hal “Fireball” Everett fixes the up. Wednesday night, they brought home a 1955 Willys Jeep and in the background was Greg’s Model A for just a few seconds.

The car sports the #1 decal because Greg and Sam Goeppinger won the 2005 Great Race in a different Model A Speedster. After the 2006 Great Race, Greg never used the speedster again so it remains just as it finished the event eight years ago.

Greg has raced for the last three years with his father, Vernon, in a 1932 Ford roadster pickup, but they may have a surprise vehicle in store for the 2014 Great Race.

Backroad Gold can be seen Wednesday night’s at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time on the Travel Channel.

  1. JeanAnn Martin2:35 pm on 3/16/14

    Yes, we noticed it while arching the show.

  2. JeanAnn Martin2:37 pm on 3/16/14

    Oops typo. We noticed it while watching the show.

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