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Great Race Competitor at the Chicago Autorama

By Great Race
March 12, 2014


Paul Clarkson of Plainfield, Illinois has built a car especially for the 2014 Great Race, and it was shown recently at the Chicago Autorama. It’s a 1930 Ford Model A coupe with a 1948 Ford Flathead V8 that was raced extensively in a 1947 Allard K1 back in the day. He calls this custom hot rod creation “The Clarkson Special” and it features a super rare McCulloch water-cooled supercharger. Other features include a quick-change rear end, a chopped top and a set of Excelsior Stahl Sport Radials from Coker Tire. It took second in its category (Modified Pre-1935) at the show, finishing only behind a previous Ridler award contender. Clarkson and his beautifully detailed Model A hot rod are one of 34 rookie teams in the Great Race, which leaves Maine on Saturday, June 21, for a nine-day trek to Florida.


  1. Jeff Stumb4:00 pm on 3/12/14

    What a car! It is nice to see cars like this in the Great Race. Obviously, it will be scored as a 1947 or later and not as a stock Model A, but it truly is rolling art.

  2. Colin Francis9:14 pm on 3/12/14

    Jeff, why ’47? Is it based on the year of the engine?

  3. Jeff Stumb9:37 am on 3/13/14

    Colin, that is correct.

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