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The end is drawing near! We’ve just completed day 8 of the 2017 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty. This morning, our route began in beautiful Frankenmuth, Michigan, exiting the Bavarian Inn through a very cool covered bridge. Then, it was a lengthy speedometer calibration run before the racers went “on the clock” […]

This afternoon was with out a doubt the most difficult day of The 2017 Hemmings Motor News Great Race Presented by Hagerty. Though traffic was heavy throughout the entirety of the day, and roads were rough, my navigator was able to keep everything together, and after pulling through the gate we had a total score […]

Today was all Michigan, all the time! We’re spending a few days rallying up, down and across Michigan, on our way to a finish line in Traverse City. But today’s trek took up from our starting point in Ypsilanti into the heart of some rush hour traffic on the speedometer calibration run. Then, we peeled […]

GOOD NEWS! Team 39 arrived with clean hands today (no mechanical or even electrical problems – other than a balky temperature gauge that resolved itself)! The secret is to gentle the car like an old lady, so we don’t jam up the gears again. GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS! That worked, but the vastly different acceleration profiles […]

The process of four-stroke internal combustion is often described as Suck, Squeeze, Bang, and Blow. Today, Team Bender got the first part of that all right! I hope you’ll pardon me if I focus on our unique experiences today and not the progress of the race generally or the beautiful scenery and stops. Two days […]

This morning, rally teams left Auburn, Indiana making our way into Michigan, the seventh state, and final state of The 2017 Hemmings Motor News Presented by Hagerty. A challenging day, complete with eight legs, and lots of traffic. Though today was not an easy day, Genna was able to keep us on time. The score […]

If there’s ever a day on the 2017 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty that we would consider “busy”, this is it! We’ve had some long and strenuous days, but today’s route sent us to three museums in three awesome towns. Without a doubt, today’s Great Race route put our remaining 115 racing […]

After leaving Franklin, Indiana headed to Auburn, Indiana, the sun was shining, and racers were faced with a fun yet challenging course. Today was a very good day for Genna, and I. After leaving Franklin in third place of the Rookie Division, we were able to pull ahead. With a twenty second day, Genna, and […]

Every day is a new challenge for the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented Hagerty. Today’s challenge was navigating the grid road system in the flat farm lands of Indiana and Ohio. Upward of 50 intersections with stop signs had our racers all sorts of jumbled up by the end of the day, as everyone’s […]

Instead, we try to do well at Great Race rallying. Today, not so much, though. This works just as well as golf – it’s simple really, just drive the course and stay on time! But it can be SO HARD to do right and well and consistently. It was another lovely day in the neighborhood(s), […]

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