Michelle Rigling

August 18, 2016

Life is an adventure and that philosophy is the foundation for Michelle Rigling’s love of planning and creating unique events and experiences for people. She had been with the company about a year when she “filled in” as Events Coordinator during 2016’s Great Race. She returned to Chattanooga with one goal in mind – to do it all again in 2017! Now as the permanent Events Coordinator, she cannot wait to be part of the event every year.

Michelle’s adventurous streak started early; she was driving a 4-wheeler not long after she started walking, she got her first motorcycle right after college and she hits the road whenever she gets the chance. Road trips are her favorite way to travel! Some of her fondest childhood memories include Chevy Chase-style family adventures. As an adult, she has crossed off many must-see destinations in true road trip fashion from Canada to the Grand Canyon to Key West. Still on her bucket list? Route 66 on her Indian Scout and the California Ocean Road.

Michelle grew up in Loretto, Tennessee and moved to Chattanooga after college. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business in 2012 and spent a couple years in New Orleans before returning to Tennessee in 2015. Her career has been a blend of marketing, development and human resources. She’s a hobbyist photographer and the founder of a local women’s group focused solely on inspiring other women to embrace life as one big adventure. Her favorite thing about working in the auto industry is getting to see people spending time doing what they love, from restoring classic cars to rallying on the mountain roads of East Tennessee.

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